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Stephanie Benson and James Reiner's Honeymoon Registry

Stephanie Benson and James Reiner's Honeymoon Registry

Dominican Republic, Punta Cana - Apple Vacations

Life has been a wonderful journey and thanks to all of our friends and family, it has truly been a blessing! Without you all, we would not be who we are today. Thanks for visiting out wedding website and our honeymoon registry through Apple Vacations!!!


Santo Domingo

We will immerse ourselves in culture and heritage and rediscover the first city of the new world! On the Santo Domingo Tour, we will stroll down the Colonial zone and observe monuments and museums, pay a visit to the Alcazar de Colon and find out how the Spanish conquistadors lived. Then we will explore the first Cathedral of the Americas and catch a glimpse of the Columbus Lighthouse, his last resting place, and enjoy a delicious lunch at the world famous Hard Rock Cafe. Before the tour comes to an end, we will shop at our heart’s content in El Conde Street, a popular pedestrian walkway with shops on both sides!

registry_cart_item_1096114 Santo Domingo

Altos de Chavon

Altos de Chavon

We will get ready to take the most amazing pictures of our trip! Lush tropical gardens and breathtaking views surround Altos de Chavon, a romance inspired artist colony. An open-air amphitheater, the School of Design of the Dominican Republic plus a variety of restaurants and shops make up this unique venue. It provides an amazing setting for expositions and concerts. We will have lunch on a riverboat while cruising through the Chavon River and tour a cigar factory to discover the secrets of fine tobacco making!

registry_cart_item_1096115 Altos de Chavon

Helicopter Flights

On our honeymoon, we will get an eagle’s view of the beautiful Punta Cana coastline on an exciting helicopter tour! We will see the different landscapes that make up this beautiful island, soar the skies and observe the breathtaking coconut coast, its lush vegetation and spectacular beaches. There is no better way to cruise this unique island than from above. Whether we want a small tour for great photo opportunities or a private transfer, we will give ourselves a treat and travel in style on an exciting helicopter ride!

registry_cart_item_1096116 Helicopter Flights

Saona Island

Combine a beautiful white catamaran, an exciting speedboat ride and the most amazing beach we have ever seen and what do we get? The paradise: Saona Island! We will set sail making our way to Saona. Here, we will dance the Merengue till we drop, relax in a hammock under the shade of a nearby palm tree or join a game of volleyball, go for a swim or work on our tan! Afterwards, we will indulge in a mouth-watering barbecue lunch and refreshing cocktails that just keep coming and take delight in an exhilarating speedboat ride that takes us to a natural swimming pool in the middle of the ocean where we can swim in the shallow waters and search for huge starfish. We can also enjoy cool drinks while dreaming away in the shallow waters!

registry_cart_item_1096117 Saona Island


We will discover the secrets of the Caribbean Sea up close! The glass bottom boat gives us the perfect opportunity to see first hand myriads of amazing multicolored fish that inhabit the Bavaro coastline. Once the perfect spot is reached, we will jump in and surround ourselves with breathtaking coral reefs, feed fish right out of our hand and bask in the tranquility of this underwater world! After that, a net will loom in front of us with sharks and stingrays inside but not to worry, they are nurse sharks and are perfectly safe. After all the excitement, we will enjoy a tasty cocktail and cruise to a waist-deep natural swimming pool where the shallow, turquoise waters will beckon us in and Caribbean rhythms will take us away. Thanks to you, we will enjoy an exciting underwater world of the Caribbean Sea!

registry_cart_item_1096118 Marinarium

Dolphin Island

A face-to-face encounter with these wonderful creatures will come our way! We will go a step further and swim with the dolphins in the ocean! We will come close and touch the soft velvety skin, and even get a kiss! Dolphin Island has been created in the open ocean to house dolphins in their natural environment. We will ride up to a platform located in the middle of the ocean and spend some time learning everything there is to know about these friendly creatures from trained professionals. We will jump in and snorkel and swim with these gentle sea creatures with memories and photos to cherish for a lifetime!

registry_cart_item_1096119 Dolphin Island

Reef Explorer

We will learn all about the amazing marine life that surrounds Punta Cana on this unique excursion! Stingray encounters will give us the opportunity to touch and play with these friendly creatures. We can also snorkel around the reef or study the behavior of nurse sharks. Why not take a kayak and hunt the reef for waves, or sunbathe on a floating mat? We can even have a soothing massage in the middle of the ocean! On this excursion, the choices are truly endless! We can chill out at the health bar before heading back and take our pick from refreshing fruit juices or some crunchy vegetables with dip. With a wide range of activities, an unforgettable experience is assured!

registry_cart_item_1096120 Reef Explorer

Bavaro Splash

On our honeymoon, we will race along the Bavaro coastline in these exhilarating two passenger speedboats, James Bond style! We will drive around the coast and reach the perfect spot over coral reefs to get ready for a fantastic experience. We will dive right in and take a look at the variety of multicolored fish that inhabit this part of the island then we will get real close and even get these beautiful creatures to eat right out of our hands. An underwater camera and a handful of oats are all that we will need for amazing pictures!

registry_cart_item_1096121 Bavaro Splash

Deep Sea Fishing

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be cruising the deep blue sea, catching the biggest fish you have ever seen? We have! The deep azure blue water of this area creates a contrast from the turquoise of the crystal clear shallows. It is this change of depth that provides a rich habitat for big game fish. Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Wahoo, Sailfish and Dorado are caught in these waters at various times of the year. The professional staff with top quality equipment will heighten our chances of “catching the big one!” If we need hints and instructions from the experts or want to fish by ourselves we will join in the real thrill of the catch!

registry_cart_item_1096122 Deep Sea Fishing

Manati / Dolphin Swim

We will spend an unforgettable day enjoying all the crazy antics the wild animals have in store for us! From parrots doing the groceries to challenging stunts on horseback, this park has something for everyone! We will jump in and get to know the most gentle and friendly of all animals, the dolphin! We will touch, interact and swim with these wonderful animals. We will learn everything about their behavior and find out if their skin is truly velvety-soft to the touch and we will even get a kiss from one of these docile animals or let them pull us along by a fin!

registry_cart_item_1096123 Manati / Dolphin Swim

Outback Safari Full Day

We will discover a beautiful part of the island on trucks and we will get to know the real Dominican countryside while riding through lush jungle-covered mountains and rivers! On our honeymoon, we will visit a typical country home and enjoy a taste of freshly ground coffee, cruise through sugar cane fields, banana and cocoa plantations, and learn all about local customs on this great safari adventure! A savory Dominican lunch follows a fun filled morning of learning and discovery, then after a delicious feast we will relax while taking in the breathtaking mountain views that surround us. For the final touch, we will enjoy a swim on a beautifully secluded beach and take some boogie boarding lessons. Thanks to you, we will explore the local treasures of the Dominican Republic!

registry_cart_item_1096124 Outback Safari Full Day

Outback Safari Half Day

If we don’t think we can get away for a whole day, we will try the half-day version of the Outback Safari instead! We will explore mountains, sugar cane and cocoa bean plantations, discover the art of fine cigar making and visit a typical Dominican home. We will finish the adventure on a secluded beach for some boogie boarding and snacks!

registry_cart_item_1096125 Outback Safari Half Day

Bavaro Runners

On our honeymoon, we will explore this breathtaking island and see nature up-close while venturing into sugar cane fields, coffee and cocoa plantations on an adventurous safari truck! Lush tropical forests and jungle-covered mountains will make us feel like Indiana Jones. We will learn all about Dominican culture and customs directly from the local farmers, visit a typical Dominican home and eat fruit right off the trees. Horseback riding, boogey boarding and a crystal clear swimming pool are also in store for us but not before savoring the enticing flavors of local cuisine at a beachfront ranch. A visit to a cigar maker and souvenir shops complete this thrilling day before admiring spectacular views on an unforgettable experience!

registry_cart_item_1096126 Bavaro Runners

Zip Lines

We will visit the first Dominican Zip Line tour on our honeymoon! This exhilarating tour takes us flying over the magnificent Anamuya Lake and the lush tropical mountains of the Dominican countryside. We will take a scenic truck ride all the way to the ranch where we will receive a security briefing about the equipment and the tour before the excitement begins. A leisurely walk along the property roads and garden trails will lead us to the first platform where we will face the challenge of “flying” from one platform to the other. We will feel the wind through our hair and the adrenaline rush through our bodies as we soar from platform to platform on this amazing excursion. This is a true adrenaline rush not recommended for the faint hearted!

registry_cart_item_1096127 Zip Lines


Just because the sun went down, it doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop! Punta Cana’s exhilarating nightlife will be waiting for us, so let the party begin! Everything from chill out bars on the beach and discos inside underground caves to casinos where we will try your luck, in Punta Cana we will just have to choose!

registry_cart_item_1096128 Nightlife


Golf in Punta Cana will be an exciting experience on our romantic vacation! Challenging courses with breathtaking views, rolling green fairways and exhilarating rounds of golf are all waiting for us!

registry_cart_item_1096129 Golf



Punta Cana has an enchanting quality that will captivate us! A wide variety of cultural influences has given the area an excellent array of choices able to satisfy the most demanding of palates. We will experience a mouth-watering journey of Punta Cana’s best-kept secrets at one of the many restaurants in the area!

registry_cart_item_1096130 Restaurants


Shopping Half Day

Our romantic vacation is not complete until we have our mandatory hunt for local treasures! We will take part in a shopping tour and discover the wide variety of local arts and crafts that the Dominican Republic has to offer. While visiting a cigar factory, we will discover the art of fine tobacco making, and we can even have one of these specially made for us. Why not take back home a hand painted bottle of rum? Colorful paintings or maybe even beautiful wooden sculptures and local products such as local sweets, crafts or small dolls made of clay are also a must. With or without lunch at the world famous Hard Rock Cafe, this excursion is truly a shoppers dream!

registry_cart_item_1096131 Shopping Half Day


Airport Transfers

We will leave the crowds behind us for a smooth beginning and end to our honeymoon by reserving Private Round Trip Transfers between our point of arrival in the Dominican Republic and our chosen accommodation. With no need to wait for our fellow passengers, we will enjoy a personal, fast-track service in a modern, fully air conditioned vehicle providing us with the level of service and experience that we expect!

registry_cart_item_1096132 Airport Transfers

Thank You for visiting our honeymoon bridal registry and wedding website. We decided to use this honeymoon bridal registry to allow us to pre-plan all the wonderful things we want to do on our dream honeymoon. If you have any questions about how our honeymoon bridal registry works, please contact a honeymoon registry specialist at 800-801-3493 and they can help with our wedding registry list. Again, Thank You so much for using our honeymoon bridal registry and wedding website. Most of all, thank you for being part of our wedding and helping us have the romantic honeymoon and wedding we've always imagined.
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